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Take 20% Off The Ballad Of Becky D’Arcy For The Next Month

I am publicizing two Smashwords coupons a month via my Patreon. The first will be public for all, but the other will be exclusive to Patrons. The public coupon is for my story Domestic Doll Services: The Ballad Of Becky D’Arcy. Here is a synopsis: Domestic Doll Becky D’Arcy had been down on her luck. Will a buyer ever purchase her? No one seems to want her beyond random sexual service. Follow a day into the beautiful blonde’s life as she tries to find an owner.

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My second coupon each month is a Patron exclusive. You can unlock them for as little as $1 per month by becoming a Patron of my writing.


My Patreon

I have exciting news! I now have a Patreon! There are a number of great rewards I am offering. The top tier is already sold out, which is so exciting. Both patrons have really interesting ideas for stories that I am going to begin outlining this weekend. Please consider becoming a patron to support my work.