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Story Review: Overwrite

Overwrite by Darkmind-If you like robots and diabolical brainwashing conspiracies Overwrite is a story you might want to check out. A spy breaks into a facility to steal their sex doll blueprints, stumbles into a place she shouldn’t be in, and so it goes from there. I wish this had been expanded further but what is here is good.


Story Review: Work Release

Work Release by Darkmind-This story had some loose ends but I really liked it. The length was perfect; long enough to get a good, gradually moving, induction with a satisfying ending. I am not totally worried about what her crime was that made her be forced into being brainwashed. I’m not all of us can imagine something to that extent. For a shorter piece, I liked this a lot. Not quite a reader’s pick, but a good read nonetheless.