New Release: The Swift Flight & Other Erotic Science Fiction Stories

An anthology of erotic science fiction stories including the following:

The Swift Flight: Amanda Traynor is a young officer on the exploratory space ship The Swift Flight. A naughty young woman with deep daddy issues, she begins an affair with her captain, seeing him as her fantasy breadwinner. After an incident, while the crew is dying, The Swift Flight’s AI attempts to repair the crew using the imagery Amanda has created in her virtual reality fantasies in the traditional setting of Harvest Plains. (4,651 Words)

The Life Genie: A school teacher learns why another teacher who left his school to become a stay at home mother suddenly changed her attitudes about life. (1,982 Words)

Emerald’s Service: A reporter stumbles into an interstellar conspiracy that completely changes the course of her life. (1,957 Words)

Ready To Please: A young man uses VR technology to win the affection of the love of his life. (6,331 Words)

The Most Wonderful State For Females: The crew of a space ship stumbles upon a diabolical alien conspiracy to create new soldiers for a war. (2,710 Words)

The Sex Zombie Conspiracy: Aliens debate the banality of earthlings while their case study of two Earth women comes back with very sexy results. (1,977 Words)

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New Release: True Love

beautiful woman wearing colorful wig against white background

After being sold out by her lover during their first year of university, Lauren Collins discovers she is a witch with magical abilities. With a new girlfriend on her arm, she witnesses the fall from grace of her ex and uses the moment as a chance to bring her back into the fold. Meanwhile, a hundreds year old witch named Celia Lehane watches from afar and it displeased with Lauren’s antics.

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New Release: A Trip To District Six

A sequel set 20 years after the District Nine Doll Adoption Agency. In this story Melissa Sanderson, her daughters now adults, travels with her oldest daughter’s best friend Karen to District Six, where traditional gender roles are enforced by law. They will be visiting a family friend of the Sandersons, but before they can arrive encounter a disruptive force that requires Melissa to make a decision about how she feels about the role of women in this new world. (11,588 words)

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New Release: Independent Female Syndrome

After a long war that pushed women into the workforce, a new government works hard to reaffirm more traditional gender roles. Lucille Magyar became a nurse during the war and now struggles with Independent Female Syndrome, a serious disease that causes women to be defiant and unruly. After beginning therapy, Miss Magyar learns a cure has been developed.

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